Welcome to Mentor Society!

Many, if not all,  traditional and non-traditional schools still do not offer curricula on financial literacy. At Mentor Society, our mission is to educate students on how to gain financial independence and freedom and thrive as entrepreneurs. Our courses are great for students who are in independent study programs or students who wish to explore alternative options to supplement their current academic studies. We offer individualized mentorship, engaging group lessons, and plenty of opportunities for students to collaborate with classmates.

What we offer:

Educational curricula tailored for students between 6th to 12th grade. 

Live lessons to promote social engagement and teamwork. 

Quality mentorship that builds character and leadership skills.

A reward system that positively reinforces self-esteem, determination, and motivation. 

Galina Babadzhanyan

Founder/ Mentor

Email: [email protected]

Anush Atabekyan

Program Coordinator

Email: [email protected]