CDV100: Exploring Career Paths

Class Description: This course is divided into two parts. During the first part of the class, students will pick a career they are interested in pursuing and conduct in-depth research on that career. They will explore and learn about the various aspects of pursuing their careers, which include the different requirements, job growth statistics, relative trade associations, and the different public and private academic programs for the career path. Students will also select one job they wish to apply to within their chosen career paths. Students will have the opportunity to present their findings to their class. Upon completion of Level 1, students will have developed a written career plan which they can refer to and update as they progress throughout their professional and academic endeavors.

During the second part, students will learn about the key elements of an effective resume, what hiring managers are looking for in applicants, relevant keywords, and Applicant Tracking Software. Students will also draft a professional resume, a cover letter, and their references. They will also participate in a mock interview with a partner, in addition to completing a written evaluation of their partner’s performance.

Start Date: January 11, 2023

End Date: March 8, 2023

Day & Time: Wednesdays 4:10 pm – 5:10 pm

Duration: 1 hr./session

Ages: 15+

Prerequisite: None

Course Objective: The course promotes an appreciation for critical thinking as it relates to career development. It also improves public speaking skills by encouraging students to actively participate in each class.

Required Materials: Students taking the course in person should bring to class a pen/pencil, writing pad, a folder, and a laptop, smartphone, or any other device they will use to carry out the research in class. Online students will need to access their student portal every week to complete the assignments and engage in the weekly Zoom discussions. All reading material will be provided to you in your lesson dashboard. This class is research-based.

Grading System
Each assignment is worth five points. Additionally, each course you complete gets you 10 points that can be used to purchase other courses. If you are a member, you can also use those points to enter the monthly raffle, where you can earn rewards.

CDV100: Lesson 1: Overview and Introductions

CDV100: Lesson 1: Overview and Introductions
1 hour

Something about meeting new people makes learning so much more exciting. The first class is always stimulating because you get to meet your new classmates and instructor for the first time; these are the people you will be working with for the next 16 weeks. You will post a brief introduction about yourself in the discussion forum for this class.

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CDV100: Exploring Career Paths