As a high school student, creating a resume can be difficult. You may have minimal job experience, making it hard to stand out against the competition. However, there is more you can add to your resume than you can imagine. Here are some tips for building a resume as a high school student:

List Your Achievements

A resume is not just about paid experiences. You can list your accomplishments and experiences relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, the community pool manager will be interested in knowing that an applicant is a part of their high school swim team. 

You can make your resume shine through the Education section, even if you do not have job experience. Think of the extracurricular clubs you have participated in and any awards you have won. If you were captain or president of a group, you would display leadership skills. If you helped organize a school fundraiser, you tell the employer that you are a team player and organized. 

Review the Job Description

A resume is not a document that stays the same forever. It should be edited and adjusted when you have new experience and skills. A resume should also change according to the job you are looking for. Review the job description to tailor your resume according to the employer’s needs. There should be specific keywords on the type of employee they are looking for and the skills they should have. 

Under the Skills section in your resume, indicate the qualities needed for the job. Along with soft skills such as communication, be sure to indicate technical skills required, such as working with specific computer programs or knowing a foreign language. 

Avoid Making Mistakes

There are some items to avoid putting into your resume. Avoid lying about skills and experience. If you lie and happen to get the job, it will become obvious that you do not have the skills needed to do the work. Be honest about your experience so that employers can get a better idea of who you are. 

Grammatical errors are unfortunate mistakes to make on a resume. It can leave a wrong impression on hiring managers before you even step in for an interview. Review the resume multiple times and ask a trusted friend or adult to look over it. Having another set of eyes looking at the document will help spot mistakes you may have missed. 

In Conclusion

Writing a resume as a teenager can be tricky but not impossible. The main goal is to highlight your skills and accomplishments, even if they came from unpaid experiences. Doing so will help employers see your potential and consider hiring you.

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